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Welcome to Crown Store-All Facilities

Crown Store-All Facilities offers a wide range of information management services while operating two first-class, specially designed and equipped facilities in Regina and Saskatoon. The company's head office in Regina consists of a modern 114,000 square foot records and data centre along with 200 private, mini, and heated warehouses. The branch operation located in Saskatoon consists of a 50,000 square foot, architecturally designed and engineered records and data centre that was constructed in 1995.

Information is your organization’s most valuable asset. Whether you have business records, blueprints, contracts, or historical/archival documents or photographs, we understand that your information must be protected. It must be securely stored to ensure your organization's reputation, and our 24/7, 365 day/year service means that you can access your records, no matter when you need them.

Document and Records Storage

Records storage is an important part of any business. With the increasing amounts of data generated by businesses and the high costs of office space, off-site storage is the best solution for your records management program. Off-site storage can help with your bottom line, by freeing up valuable office space and reducing the amount of employee time spent on the management of your records.

Off-site records storage is also a key component in any disaster recovery plan. The importance of a comprehensive disaster recovery program can not be understated. Our state-of-the-art security systems, sprinkler systems, and structural benefits ensure that your records are safe.

Specialized Media Storage

Separate, environmentally controlled vaults are available for magnetic media, film, fiche, as well as any other special materials. We provide a superior, off-site, cost-effective solution for electronic data backup and other vital media protection needs. Crown Store-All Facilities provides standard environments at 20°C (+/-2°C), and 40% relative humidity.

For all your specialized storage needs, and materials that require special environmental controls, Crown Store-All Facilities can meet your needs.