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Commercial Records Management and Storage

Crown Store-All offers records storage and a full range of services for clients who need to store only a few, or possibly tens of thousands of file boxes. The secure warehouse, fast, reliable service, and excellent hazard protection make it an ideal way to manage all your important documents.

Our records management services provide an affordable, highly secure solution for all types of records & media. Our services allow our clients to free up valuable space in their facility, while also saving vast amounts of valuable time for the staff managing the records.

In addition, by sending your records to Crown Store-All Facilities, the volume and density of our space costs less, and thus typically reduces your records management costs by as much as fifty percent.

  • Vaults constructed with concrete and steel.
  • High-density file box shelves.
  • Environmental controls to control humidity and temperature.
  • Computer indexing for fast box locating.
  • Halon 1301, Heptafluoropropane, or carbon dioxide, and/or dry-zone fire suppression systems.
  • Motion detection and 24-hour security monitoring systems.
  • Standby power generators.
  • In-house courier services.
  • Security screened employees.
  • Climate controlled, specially equipped, security vehicles.
  • 24-hour/day, 365-day/year emergency service.
  • Modern computer and warehouse systems.