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Commercial Document Imaging Services

Crown Store-All provides document imaging services, as well as microfiche imaging services, from both the Regina and Saskatoon branches. Paper documents of all sizes and types are converted to 'Tagged Image File Format', or 'Portable Document Format' (.TIF or .PDF) files for shared viewing over commercial networks. From hundreds of documents to hundreds of thousands of documents, we will efficiently perform a top quality job at a cost-effective price.

Scanning features include:

  • High-speed, duplex Fujitsu & Kodak document scanners on site.
  • Color, grayscale, or bi-tonal imaging capability.
  • Standard compressed multi-page TIFF format, or PDFs.
  • Any size, type, thickness, or color of documents.
  • Barcode and patch reading capability for auto-indexing.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Image enhancements edge-clean, de-speckle, and rotate.
  • Service bureau or one-time project.
  • Our location or yours.
  • Secure CD/DVD backup of images and index databases.
  • Index tables and interfaces custom designed to meet your requirements.
  • Integration with your enterprise systems.
  • Security screened employees.
  • Reseller of Fujitsu document scanners